DIVI – Create your GIS. Increase the capabilities and improve the functioning of your company through the use of GIS.

Geographical Information Systems are becoming more and more popular. More and more users see the benefits that are associated with the use of GIS. We see it when working with our clients, giving workshops, as well as when organizing numerous conferences. GIS is no longer the domain of institutions that collect spatial data or special departments in companies that deal with the processing of data for the needs of other employees. Managers, employees at customer service departments and, above all, specialists and consultants in various fields want to have access to updated maps and lists made using spatial data. Other industries that are related to collection, access and exchange of information very quickly adapted their products to clients’ needs and requirements. Programmers use version control network systems, consultants use network word processing and spreadsheets, vendors have shared CRM systems, and management boards have access to reports and dashboards generated systematically in ERP systems directly to smartphones and tablets. GIS is the only thing left behind. Desktop software still rules. WebGIS is often limited to sluggish, non-intuitive data browsers. There is different software, paid and free, but creating a simple system for managing spatial data within an institution is still laborious, expensive, requires programming work, and subsequent keeping of the entire system alive by administrators. In a world where co-creation and sharing is the basis of work of teams, creating layers and safe, shared edition in GIS is still very complicated. We decided to change that.
We have worked hard over DIVI – a comprehensive set of tools to manage, visualize, and analyse data on maps – for 12 months. DIVI’s main task is to enable effective work with spatial data in a company, and to create conditions for easy sharing of data within and outside the organization. DIVI consists of:

DIVI is in an advanced beta phase. The SaaS version has been running productively in several of our clients. Will keep you informed of new implementations and created applications on a regular basis. Please visit DIVI.io for more information and contact us should you wish to.
We believe that DIVI will change the perception of GIS systems as complicated, expensive, and difficult to implement. With DIVI you can do the following in a simple and easy way:

  • create a corporate data repository,
  • edit spatial data online by many people at the same time,
  • store information about the history of data editing,
  • add attachments (photos, documents) and comments to objects,
  • create simple data browsers without programming skills,
  • create advanced GIS systems based on DIVI API