Investment Areas Database Management System

The Investment Areas Database Management System, known as “Inwestor”, is an application dedicated to Special Economic Zones, Investor Service Centres, and all institutions involved in winning investors and keeping databases for investment areas and real estate.

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Basic features:

  • Scalable, multilingual system to manage investment offers available through a web browser
  • Data integration in one place
  • Data exchange automation between institutions
  • Integration with spherical panoramas and data from drones
  • Compatible with other GIS systems
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable
  • Generates online and offline presentations, reports, and analyses
  • Speeds up work at every stage of support provided to investors
  • Modern and prestigious
  • Minimizes the risk of incorrect and outdated information
  • Automates the process of creation of offers and marketing materials
  • Supports the media flow management within investment offers
  • Compatible with current records
  • No language limitations
  • No limitations on number of users



Why is it worth trying?

  • Investor was developed in cooperation with our customers: Special Economic Zones and Investor Service Centres.
  • Investor was developed as a response to the demand for employees of the investor support and promotion departments in various institutions.
  • Inwestor is an expandable system which adapts to current requirements.
  • Inwestor is intuitive to use.
  • We provide full technical support.

See Investor in action: