Workshops and trainings

QGIS workshops are a unique form of expanding knowledge of QGIS and capabilities of the team. During the workshops, we solve a specific problem with the Geographic Information Systems or spatial data on site, and we teach a team how to work with GIS to achieve the intended goal. Specifically, with a focus on concrete results without any unnecessary content.


We create plugins that extend the functionality of QGIS or integrate it with specific software or data. It is the best way to adapt QGIS to specific needs.

More information

We are a bronze sponsor of QGIS

We have based part of our activities on QGIS therefore we want its stable development. We have decided to support QGIS continuously, and we are a bronze sponsor of the project. We hope that with this small contribution, and in addition to our daily work, we will affect QGIS by providing its more stable development in Poland.



GPS Tracker and other plugins

We have made more than ten major plug-ins for QGIS. Most of them were developed as commissioned by companies and include their con-how, so they are not publicly available. GPS tracker is a different example. Upon the request of the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture we made a plug-in to support area control using the ‘field’ method in QGIS. The Agency decided to make the plug-in publicly available, thus it is used by many people and institutions from several countries.