Professional and certified QGIS, PostGIS and Python scripting trainings. Full range of on-line courses.

Web Maps

We implement solutions that allow you to display and edit data on a map.

We help you get started with GIS. We are happy to share our experience and suggest best practices.

GIS in real estate

We show you how QGIS can help you, build real estate databases and tools for finding suitable plots

Spatial planning

We teach planners to use QGIS in their daily activities.

Water supply systems

We implement GIS and integrate it with billing, SCADA and ZSI in water and sewage companies

We've worked with

QGIS releted services

We specialize in QGIS. We train, create plugins, implement, are active members of the global community, promote and participate in development. If you plan to use QGIS in your company – we encourage you to talk.