We help in using GIS

Build your competitive advantage by working efficiently with maps.

What we do?

Plot search engine for RES investments

Make your team work efficiently and build a land bank faster than the competition

Infrastructure management

Create a spatial database of your infrastructure based on a web tool and work comfortably

Database of investment areas

Get information about plots, analyze their surroundings, generate reports and marketing materials.

How can we help you?

1. Free consultation

It all starts with a conversation.

If you want to start using GIS or you have been using it for a long time, but you want to develop GIS capabilities in your company – let’s talk!

It’s free and can save you from a time-consuming search or a costly mistake.

2. GIS Trainings

Our trainings are unique because we are very focused on the use of QGIS in specific industries. The aim of the training is to learn about the functions of the program that will make your work more effective.

  • At the beginning, the best choice will be basic training.
  • For groups from one company, we recommend dedicated training
  • Individuals are encouraged to take online courses

3. GIS.Box

Over time, QGIS is not enough. It is necessary to access the maps via a browser, multi-person editing and dedicated tools.

We teach companies how to organize work with GIS based on GIS.Box.

Do you want to know how it can look like in your company? Take advantage of the Free Consultation, let’s talk.

  1. GIS.Box documentation

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Configurable Object Finder in GIS.Box

Configurable Object Finder in GIS.Box

One of the basic functionalities needed in a good GIS System is the object search engine. GIS.Box is a tool thanks to which a ...
Is GIS worth its money? This can (and should) be calculated.

Is GIS worth its money? This can (and should) be calculated.

As every year around Christmas, I reach for the “bible” again, i.e. the book “Reflections on GIS. Planning Geographical Information Systems for Managers” by ...
New! GIS Support QGIS Plugin

New! GIS Support QGIS Plugin

We decided to simplify the access to the tools we created for Polish QGIS users even more. Instead of many plugins to download from ...

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