GIS.Box and ULDK (Land Parcel Location Service)

Does GIS.Box use ULDK?


Thanks to the existence of the Land Parcel Location Service, it is possible to create very useful services used by thousands of people (such as some of the tools from the GIS Support Plugin). And what does this look like in GIS.Box? One by one:

  1. Land Parcel Finder, which works like a classic search engine.
  2. A fantastic tool: Plot Report, which, when you click on a point, will not only indicate what kind of plot it is but will immediately tell you what objects from our database are within its range. I recommend giving it a try 🙂.
  3. And finally – the icing on the cake – the Create New Object with Parcel Geometry tool, which makes creating data based on evidential data extremely simple. One click and the parcel geometry object is ready.

The tools are constantly evolving, so the article will be out of date after a while 🙂.


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