Location Lab: Scoring

Location Lab: Scoring is a web application that supports teams responsible for network expansion (in reatil) or investment area qualification in automated analitysys.
In most cases, conduction of analyse require using dozens of spatial datasets:

  • demographic data
  • POI
  • localisation of competitors
  • land prices
  • car/pedestrian accessibility
  • special prohibitions

Usualy those data are in companies repositories or are easy to acquire on the market. Main problem is lack of analyzing tool that is easy to use for every consultant. Thats why it is worth to consider Location Lab: Scoring.

Key features:

  • data vendor indemendent. You can use all kinds of spatial data you have
  • methodology independent. You know what i important to you – tool is just amalyze in a way you want
  • easy to adjust for custom needs
  • easy to maintain. Source data may come from your BI system or be stored inside Location Lab
  • avaible via web browser
  • easy integration with popular Business Intelligence Software (Tabealu, Qlik)