QGIS Commercial Support

Lets work together to achieve success in your projects. We offer your organisation fully professional support for QGIS and PostGIS. Find solutions during consultations with our experts and improve your technical know-how. Contact us

QGIS for your company

Open source or commercial solutions? Can you reduce company expenses by changing to free software? Will QGIS suit your business needs? Our expertise in providing answers to these questions was gained during numerous consulting meetings with our Clients.
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QGIS Plugins

We are experienced coders, our team actively develops a number of QGIS plugins, such as DIVI for QGIS, LPiS Search Tool or GPS Tracker. In addition to free public counterparts, we can provide your company with required QGIS plugin, custom-made to meet your standards.

QGIS Cloud Service

Cloud services for data sharing increases productivity of your team by reducing time spent on transferring files manually. Let us introduce you to our flagship product – DIVI, cloud service for QGIS. Create GIS today – with DIVI. Learn more.