Spatial datasets for Poland


Geodesic and Cartographic Documentation Center

In a nutshell Geodesic and Cartographic Documentation Center (only in Polish) stores, heads and shares databases from Central Geodesic and Cartographic Resource (more information in Polish). Center maintains and trades datasets from Central Resource. Due to an act, some part of this resource is available free. You can download it from Geodesic and Cartographic Documentation Center website. Unfortunately, datasets are often divided into awkward parts or stored in untapped formats like GML. We provide datasets form Geodesic and Cartographic Documentation Center stored in useful packs and with description.

Official website with free data

National Boundaries Registry

There are three files to download from official website

Boundaries are very detailed. Features has thousands of vertex so files are quite big. Often for analysis you do not need such detailed information so it is useful to generalize it.

Commune, district and voivodship boundaries are perfect fit with datasets from General Statistical Office of Poland.



  • PRG – Address points (775 Mb) About 6,8 mln address points from whole area of Poland. It is the biggest such database in Poland. Downloading page

National Registry of Geographical Names

More about registry: Wikipedia, Downloading page.

Digital Terrain Model (at least 100 m grid size)

Downloading page

Geographic Features Database BDOO

Free, vector dataset including whole area of Poland. Downloading page

General Directorate for Environmental Protection

About GDEP. Spatial datasets focused around areas protected for conservation purposes such as National Parks, Landscape parks, Nature Parks, Natura 2000 etc. Official and credible source of nature protection areas. In addition, GDEP administers geoportal with the very same purpose:

Downloading page

Land Parcel Identification System

Polish land parcel data are maintained by Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture. Mostly for preview purpose, this dataset does not hold geodetic precision. Usefull articles:

Downloading page [PL]


Central Statistical Office

The Central Statistical Office (CSO) is an office of government administration that serves the President of Central Statistical Office and operates under his direct management. CSO provides also INSPIRE data in Geostatistics portal – INSPIRE tab.

Besides spatial data, there is a larger database of statistical information – Local Data Bank is Poland’s largest database of the economy, society and the environment. LDB offers more than 40 thous. statistical features grouped thematically. The first data is from 1995. More info.

Postcode Map

Postal code map published in vector format (ex. shapefile) containing over 20.000 polygons based on data from Polish Post. Request a free sample today and contact us for licence purchase conditions.

National Water Management Authority

Raster Hydrographical Map of Poland

Map in scale 1:50.000 presenting drainage system, artificial and natural water reservoirs and watersheds. As a whole, it contains 1083 map sheets. Files are shared as a .JPEG file, georeferenced information as .JGW and .RTF with a list of all hydrographical objects of given sheet – all that compressed in ZIP format.

Downloading page


Dane OpenStreetMap

Vector dataset published in xml(.osm) or ESRI Shapefile format from OpenStreetMap. Maps are updated every 24 hours which guarantees that you use most up-to-date data. You are free to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt OSM data, as long as you credit OpenStreetMap and its contributors.

Downloading page