Our QGIS plugin won the main prize in a competition organized by GUGiK

Our plugin Wyszukiwarka działek ewidencyjnych (ULDK GUGiK) was awarded the first place in the competition organized by the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography (GUGiK) for the best use of the ULDK API.

On July 14, 2019, the award ceremony was held by the Main Land Surveyor, Waldemar Izdebski.

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Mastering PostGIS

We are so proud and happy that cofounder of GIS Support – Michał Mackiewicz –  is sharing his knowledge and become a coauthor of „Mastering PosGIS. Create, deliver and consume spatial data using PostGIS„. Congratulations to Michał and a rest of the team.

PostGIS in an award-winning core part of most of open source webGIS solutions. We are using PostGIS from the beginning of our GIS activity an we collect wide knowledge about it.

Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence (LI) is a process of finding patterns and trends in Business Intelligence (BI) data joined with spatial data, for better understanding and decision making.

For many years BI software is present on IT market, and it helps making analysis and searching for answers to the questions which are important for your company. The rapid development of this type of software is due to the following factors:

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